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Our team is composed of eCommerce, digital, and marketing experts who are enthusiastic about helping your business succeed!
eCommerce Team
With over 15 years in digital consulting, David Nagy made his mark as one Founders at LiveOutThere.com in 2009. By 2012, LiveOutThere was one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses employing over 50 people. David has led projects with notables such Virgin Mobile, HBO Comedy, General Motors, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Livify and many others.

As a coach, consultant, trainer & keynote speaker, David has worked with organizations such as Canada Post, Global Affairs Canada, Digital Mainstreet, HRIA and more.

eCommerce Canada has grown it’s team in all eCommerce disciplines to support our customers across Canada. We support online retailers from coast-to-coast and help implement the tools and systems you need to become more successful.

Jenna MacMillan

Jenna MacMillan

general manager

“Let’s Dive In Shall We”

Former Marketing & eCommerce Manager for Canada’s Largest Western Wear Retailer, Jenna joined eCommerce Canada in Spring of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the brick and mortar market driving a massive influx of businesses looking to increase their online presence. A great time to shift gears from a corporate to agency role.

Now, leading the team in all digital marketing executions Jenna’s approach is thorough, direct and engaged as she leads the brand and digital strategy for all eCommerce Canada clients.
Having been the Project Manager for the implementation of a massive Canadian ecommerce operation Jenna understands the challenges facing online retailers and has a hands on approach. You’ve got to run one to know one!


Jordan Boyd

digital marketing manager

Jordan got his start in digital marketing at Hootsuite in Vancouver. It was there that he helped garner over five hundred new professors to the Hootsuite University program and saw the true power of marketing software in action. After spending a gap year down in San Francisco, Jordan returned to his hometown of Calgary and joined a digital marketing agency. After exiting the agency space, he created and grew his own consultancy, before deciding to build his own software Advoz. The iOS and Shopify app was born out of user feedback from his consultancy, and he quickly raised over half a million dollars to build out the product from two well known angel investors in Calgary. The Shopify version of the app was featured in the ‘Staff Picks’ section of the Shopify App Store as recently as November 2020. With over ten years of pay-per-click and Facebook advertising experience, coupled with a deep understanding of software and digital product offerings, Jordan brings a unique and diverse perspective to the eCommerce Canada team.

Kristen Garrett

Kristen Garrett

account & development coordinator

“Always approaching work with a fun, people-focused attitude!”

Coming from a diverse professional background, Kristen has been fortunate to have many opportunities to expand her expertise in working with various brands and niche audiences. Before joining the eCommerce Canada team, Kristen worked for 4 years in marketing and communications for an equestrian backcountry outfit in Bragg Creek. Looking to gain more experience in an agency environment, she joined eCommerce Canada in the Fall of 2020, which provided her an amazing opportunity to progress her skills and knowledge in digital marketing even further.

With a “people-focused” approach, Kristen really prioritizes developing good relationships with clients and understanding the business and brand she is representing. Kristen understands that every brand is different and knows how to implement expertise with the client’s wants and needs always in mind.

In her time away from the computer, Kristen participates in all things extreme and outdoorsy. She is a professional equestrian, avid mountain hiker, backcountry canoe enthusiast, outdoor photographer, and overall nature nerd.


Ryan Luttrell

technology director

You’ll have a hard time finding something Ryan doesn’t get excited about, but entrepreneurship and technology are high on the list. Ryan started his first company at the age of 14, Netware Repair, by placing ads on Kijiji offering desktop and laptop repairs. Since that time, a lot has changed in the wonderful world of the eCommerce, but Ryan’s passion for entrepreneurship and the technology behind online businesses has only grown.

Ryan loves to solve problems. If he doesn’t have a solution, he’ll find one. As the Technology Director at eCommerce Canada Ryan is skilled and committed to finding solutions that help you start or grow your online business.


Christos Grapsas

wordpress developer

Christos is a WordPress Developer based in Quebec, Canada. He has developed websites and applications for small and big businesses, startups, as well as marketing agencies, and universities. He has a passion for clean and well optimized code.

Today as Web Developer at eCommerce Canada, Christos supports the development and maintenance of web-based projects.

Whenever he is not coding, he is with his wife, trailing the mountains and forests of Quebec, or visiting the world’s ancient sites.

Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren

production designer

Jennifer has over five years of professional design experience, providing services ranging from digital marketing and e-commerce development, to print media and traditional advertising, as well as brand merchandise creation and packaging. This unique combination of skills allows Jennifer to be a versatile member of our team, providing hands on experience at various stages of engagement.

When not at work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her cats, staying (mostly) indoors, and drinking way more coffee than anyone should.


Allison Groeneveld

ecommerce manager

Allison has been working in the ecommerce industry for almost 10 years and has a passion helping businesses succeed in the online retail world. With an eye for detail and a strange love of spreadsheets, she excels at site structure, UX and data organization, to name a few.

When not at work Allison can be found doing anything outside, crafting and listening to audiobooks.

Brent Bawel

Brent Bawal

digital and account strategist

“Searching for the one decision that makes a thousand.”

Working in the eCommerce industry for the last 8+ years, Brent has been with eCommerce Canada from the beginning. With the explosion of eCommerce the needs and challenges of our clients are always in flux. It is this space where Brent works to bring clarity and understanding to engineer solutions with our clients.

Brent brings the experience of over 75 eCommerce websites to the conversation, working directly with your business to bring context to tools, processes, metrics in determining the ultimate solution.


Tom Harrison

channel manager

“Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.”

Tom has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid pushing a lawnmower to make his first dollar in business. More serious pursuits included making handmade soap in a small apartment (don’t tell the landlord) to partnering with his wife to build a frozen food company. It’s in his DNA to be building something.

Tom got his start e-commerce five years ago when he decided to figure out how to sell stuff on Amazon. The first product sold was a cutting board that a big-box retailer was blowing out for $3.00, and he promptly turned around and sold on Amazon for $19.00. And so began the obsession.

From those humble beginnings, Tom has grown his own Amazon business from the ground up, developing two private label brands on Amazon and has consulted with numerous companies to help them navigate the ever-changing platform that is Amazon today.

A strong foundation is one of the critical factors for success on Amazon. Knowing how to adapt and deal with issues when Amazon shows up with a surprise right hook is also essential for survival on Amazon.

If your business is ready to expand onto Amazon or you are already selling on Amazon and need assistance, Tom will help set you up for success and be there when you need to solve critical problems.

When he is not on the phone with Amazon associates, you will find Tom listening to classic rock, learning about new technology and finding new recipes to cook in his favourite cast iron frying pans.


Jasmine Nagy

intern marketing coordinator

New to eCommerce, Jasmine is joining the team as an Intern Marketing Coordinator.

Jasmine has a background in film/stage and has been appearing in professional productions for most of her life.

Jasmine has extensive retail experience and grew up in an entrepreneurial family, business and eCommerce are a part of her DNA.