A Green Revolution with fairechild

fairechild is a sustainable clothing brand redefining fashion with a conscience. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, fairechild aims to revolutionize outerwear for children and adults alike, blending durability with eco-conscious materials and ethical production practices.


We worked closely with fairechild on the Canada Digital Adoption Plan’s (CDAP) Boost Your Business Grant, analyzing their online presence and enhancing their digital footprint. From website audits to optimizing social media, we fully supported their digital transformation.


fairechild’s stylish yet environmentally responsible clothing appeals to conscientious consumers, meeting the rising demand for sustainable fashion. They also support the local economy and collaborate with artisans and communities, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Interview with Tabitha Osler, Founder & CEO of fairechild

Tabitha Osler is a fashion designer with a vision for the future. She received her Master’s in Fashion Design from the Antwerp Royal Academy and then worked for luxury designers in Europe and Canada. fairechild was born in 2017 as a response to Tabitha’s perception of wastefulness. She wanted to create a sustainable fashion brand that encourages meaningful change, not environmental harm.

1. What drove your decision to establish a sustainable fashion brand, and what prompted your shift from the luxury women’s fashion sector to venture into entrepreneurship?

In the luxury women’s fashion sector, I felt that sustainable options were minimal. I wanted to move the business in that direction because, at that time, nobody in the industry had sustainable practices. For me, creating a sustainable fashion brand with those values at its core was non-negotiable. I wanted to establish a philosophy centred around making products with recycled materials that can be recycled again and again.

2. Could you guide us through the creative and strategic steps in shaping your impressive brand and website?

fairechild’s branding evolved organically over time. The core of our branding is a heritage aesthetic with a heritage font and logo. Our logo is the aerial view of a Kodak slide carousel! I love matching heritage objects and pieces with innovative and high-functioning products. I gravitate toward black-and-white images with coloured fonts on top. I call this a “contemporary vibe with heritage core pieces.”

3. In what ways has your upbringing on the East Coast influenced both you and your business?

My upbringing on the East Coast massively influenced my business. To create rain gear, you must be in a climate where that gear is necessary and not just a fashion item. However, it is also great for fashion! Because of my climate, I grew up with the imagery of full rain slickers and rain workwear. I describe it as a “coast of England and Scotland vibe”—they have the same weather-wear and aesthetic.

Utility is my core value – I balance utility and high functionality with fashion and style. fairechild started as a children’s brand because I believe in letting children go out and fall in love with their natural environment. Kids fall in love with nature and will learn to care for it if they spend time in it! We want to facilitate future minds to think more sustainably.

4. Where do you typically find your creative inspiration, and what keeps you motivated?

My creative inspiration comes from the design process, and the fun involved makes me want to do more. We purchase products from a showroom in London, then recreate the vintage designs with more functionality. I am motivated by seeing my customers and hearing their feedback. Knowing that people feel our product is unique and fills a core need for high-performance outerwear that doesn’t look techy is very rewarding. It bridges a gap.

5. Reflecting on your experience as a female entrepreneur, could you offer advice to women just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

I did an interview with the Trade Commission in Japan, and of the small brands going global, only 2% of the representatives were women. Knowing there are a lot of resources and support for female entrepreneurs is key. There are unexpected changes in the market (like COVID), and using the resources available is key to your success. It’s important to have a foundation of confidence that you deserve success as much as anyone else.

6. How do you actively champion the circular economy, and what steps can others take to get involved in this initiative?

fairechild champions the circular economy by taking responsibility for the entire life of our products. We use waste as a resource and take our products back at the end of their life to repair, reuse, or recycle them. Our core value is taking responsibility for our products. We follow a “cradle to cradle” philosophy.

Once you get into the nitty-gritty of sustainability, there’s a lot of hypocrisy, but don’t worry about it. One step in the direction of sustainability is still a good step. Always be true to your values, and collaborate with your customers, products, sources, and certifications for raw materials. 

7. Could you share insights into the mentors who have influenced your entrepreneurial journey and identify individuals in the industry whom you admire?

We won the FedEx Small Business Award in 2019, and I met the head of FedEx in Canada. We still meet annually, and he speaks about resilience, outsourcing, and letting your employees support you, which has been important in my success.

There will be ups and downs; there is no such thing as constant success, and you need resilience. I am inspired and motivated by other female entrepreneurs who have the resilience to continue and flourish in an ever-changing industry where the competition is challenging. I admire other small, slow brands that stay true to their beliefs and are committed to providing sustainable fashion.

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