Redefining Digital Excellence with Vine Arts

Vine Arts nestled in Calgary and Edmonton, has emerged as a beacon of exceptional service and a haven for connoisseurs seeking curated beverages. Founded by local wine enthusiasts Jeff Jamieson and Jesse Willis, Vine Arts stands out for its unwavering support of small, family-owned wineries, breweries, and distilleries and an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.


Teaming up with us, Vine Arts embarked on a digital transformation journey. As advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Plan’s (CDAP) Boost Your Business Grant, we recognized Vine Arts’ potential for market expansion.


Our collaboration aimed to revolutionize Vine Arts’ online presence through strategic digital marketing. This ongoing partnership is grounded in data-driven insights and epitomizes a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

Interview with Jeff Jamieson, Co-founder of Vine Arts:

Jeff Jamieson developed a deep appreciation for wine and food during his decade-long journey in the restaurant industry, mastering every role from dishwasher to general manager. As Co-owner of Vine Arts Wine and Spirits, Jeff infuses the store with his passion, aiming for visitors to feel inspired by their products.

1. What inspired you to establish a boutique liquor retail chain, and could you share your journey transitioning from the restaurant industry to entrepreneurship?

I’ve always had this drive to create something of my own. Despite working various office jobs, I felt my hard work wasn’t fairly rewarded. During my stint at Bin 905, mainly for the wine discount, I met Jesse Willis. We shared similar aspirations, initially planning to start a consulting business for restaurant menus and wine training. However, as we delved deeper, we noticed a significant gap in the market for boutique wines. This realization led us to open our first store in Calgary in 2012, focusing on providing a fun, welcoming, and educational environment.

2. Can you guide us through the creative and strategic processes that shaped your brand and website? How did you capture the warmth and exceptional customer experience in your physical stores and put it into your online presence?

Our branding, rooted in fun and eccentricity, stemmed from Jesse and me. We settled on an old-time circus theme, embodied by our “Old-Time Strongman” logo. Our goal was to create a brand that felt fun yet not tied to anything too specific. Translating this warmth and approachability to our online presence posed challenges, especially without physical staff to educate customers. However, by maintaining consistent style and categorization of wines online, we aimed to replicate the experience of our physical stores.

3. Your passion for creating immersive learning experiences and community involvement in tastings and clubs is evident. What drove you to initiate these exceptional initiatives?

Two driving forces led us to initiate these initiatives: passion and education. We genuinely get excited about wine and spirits, and we naturally want to share that excitement with our customers. Moreover, we recognized the pervasive need for more knowledge among wine drinkers, often resulting in missed opportunities to explore diverse offerings.

4. Where do you typically find your creative inspiration, and what consistently keeps you motivated?

My creative inspiration stems directly from the products themselves. Immersing ourselves in wine and visiting wineries and distilleries frequently fuels our passion and creativity. As for motivation, it’s a combination of economic factors and acknowledgment. I believe in carrying the weight on my shoulders, pushing everything forward, and taking pride in each day’s accomplishments.

5. Reflecting on your experiences as a Canadian entrepreneur, what advice do you have for business owners embarking on their entrepreneurial journey?

Know your stuff. Understand every aspect of your business, watch out for blind spots, and be passionate and experienced. It’s crucial to immerse yourself in the industry, talk to peers, and gather as much information as possible.

6. What aspect of running your business do you enjoy the most, and what sets your business apart?

The people! I enjoy mentoring and seeing people grow both personally and professionally. Our team knows that we care deeply about them and their success. Setting goals, fostering accountability, and encouraging growth are integral to our approach.

7. Can you share insights into the mentors who influenced your entrepreneurial journey and identify individuals in the industry whom you admire and why?

I’ve been fortunate to have many mentors throughout my journey, including my parents and industry peers like John Fraser and Andrew Furgeson. Their resilience, passion, and commitment to excellence inspire me, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning and growth in entrepreneurship.

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