El Premo

The Evolution Of Parkhill Meats

Since 2015, Parkhill Meats has been the producer of the highest and most consistent quality of local and halal certified beef, veal, lamb, and goat products in Ontario. Adapting high standards of the workplace and employee safety and abiding by full government regulations for inspection to guarantee traceable food safety. While working with us, Parkhill Meats transformed into a new brand – El Premo.


Parkhill Meats first came to us as their digital advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Plan’s (CDAP) Boost Your Business Grant. During the CDAP process, we discovered that Parkhill Meats lacked digital automation, operational efficiencies, and brand development. The CDAP engagement provided the perfect platform to address a lack of clarity about website usability and UX, as well as search engine performance and operational priorities that have limited growth.

When starting the transformation, we provided Parkhill Meats with a Positioning Strategy, Brand Development, and Visual Identity. Through this process, we rebranded to El Premo with a new logo, defined audiences, and an in-depth Brand Guideline. From there, we created their new website. 

Other notable services completed throughout this project were Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Analytics Integration. Working with El Premo was a rewarding experience for us, from creating a new brand to designing and developing their new website, it was an incredible and creative experience for the whole team.

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