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Hopson Grace’s Online Transformation

Hopson Grace specializes in life’s joyful essentials: food, wine, friends, family and great design; curating the most modern entertaining essentials and home accessories that are truly unique and inspire the next setting. Due to a lack of distinction and careful curation of unique products in the industry, the two female founders of Hopson Grace found the solution with their catalog. Community and gatherings are part of living life, Hopson Grace’s mission is to bring together life with beauty.

We first engaged with Hopson Grace as their digital advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Plan’s (CDAP) Boost Your Business Grant. During the CDAP process, we found that Hopson Grace has more experience and is more agile than most of their competitors, but they needed to address online visibility concerns, implement email marketing, and expand their audience.

Hopson Grace is now a retainer client that utilizes our expertise with Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Branding, and Website Maintenance. Our objective is to increase Hopson Grace’s online presence and improve user engagement, while elevating the brand and sharing their story.

One of the highlights of working with Hopson Grace was an in-depth UX Audit, and implementation of Email Marketing. With a wide range of beautiful colours and unique images, working with their catalog was a creative dream for our team.

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