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Elevating New Earth Solutions With a Greener Future

New Earth Solutions is dedicated to creating urban spaces that seamlessly blend with nature, promoting both human well-being and environmental health. As a leading green infrastructure partner in North America, they specialize in living architecture and collaborate with businesses to foster healthier urban environments. Since 2018, New Earth Solutions has expanded its services to include custom living walls, green facades, and green roofs, all aimed at enhancing the connection to nature in built environments.

We partnered with New Earth Solutions to design and develop a new website that showcases their expertise in green infrastructure and living architecture. Our teams worked closely together to craft a visually captivating and user-friendly platform that highlighted New Earth Solutions’ commitment to sustainable design. 

Leveraging advanced WordPress development features, including customizable themes and powerful plugins, we pushed the boundaries of creativity and technical excellence. Our goal was to ensure New Earth Solutions’ online presence reflected their innovative approach to green design.

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