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Empowering Vine Arts’ Digital Presence

Vine Arts is a boutique liquor store in Calgary, founded by two local wine enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of wines, specialty spirits, craft beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and cocktail supplies. Renowned for its dedication to unique, artisan products, Vine Arts supports small, family-owned wineries, breweries, and distilleries. With knowledgeable staff delivering exceptional service and education, the store caters to both novice and experienced wine lovers.

We first engaged with Vine Arts as their digital advisors for the Canada Digital Adoption Plan’s (CDAP) Boost Your Business Grant. During the CDAP process, we discovered that Vine Arts boasts a significantly higher online presence and offers superior quality products compared to competitors, highlighting their unique positioning in the market. 

Vine Arts has since become a retainer client utilizing our expertise and services for Paid Media, SEO, and CRO. Our overall objective is to help Vine Arts increase brand awareness and drive online and in-store sales, particularly with a new location in Edmonton. Our efforts in Paid Media aim to enhance their online presence, while CRO is pivotal in refining the online shopping experience to boost conversions. 

What makes this project compelling is our ongoing CRO efforts, where we track improvements in conversion rates month over month, witnessing the tangible impact of our strategic interventions.

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